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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Schedule

So... I made a summer schedule and so far I have stuck to it and the kids and I have been having so much fun!! There are still some fights between the kids but I have yet to hear "I am bored." I am sure that will come but until then this is what we are sticking to.

Monday- Movie Day
There is an amazing program here that you can go to 10 movies for $7.50 per kid!! I know, amazing right:)

Tuesday- Library Day
Story time and getting new book is one of my kiddos favorite things to do!

Wednesday- Baking Day
Baking and making treats with the kids is fun and we get to learn a little math while we are at it.

Thursday- Pool Day
We don't have the luxury of a neighborhood pool anymore so we will be City Pooling it this summer. There are tons here so we will try out different ones until we find a favorite.

Friday- Field Trip Day
Anything from a museum, Science Zone, Parks, etc... we will be checking it out. The good thing about being in a new place is... everything is new to us.

I have had the kids do one to two crafts/ projects a day. So far we have painted with water colors, painted rocks, made paper air planes, and colored. I am sure these will be repeated many times but the kids love it.

We have "toes up time" which is quiet time. This is when the baby takes a nap and my older kiddos have to relax. This is the only time during the day that the kids can do something quiet ( with their toes off the floor) read, play quietly, or watch a show on Netflix. I hate TV!! But down time for all of us is needed:)

So far this is our 1st week, since we were in Boise the 1st official week of summer. I figure, to keep us all sane and enjoying each other this summer we need to have a plan.

Happy Summer!!! We are excited to play and explore WY 2012.

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